Floor Failure

A floor fails when it does not live up to expectations.

In the science of ergonomics a “System” includes all of the component parts, which include a human component. A floor is a system, ½ is the science that creates the material and ½ is the craft of installation, as floor experts, we look at the system for the cause of a failure.

Slip & Fall Experts

ASTM C1028 is clear: The presence of contaminates on a floor surface must be considered, and identified, when using the results of a drag sled to issue an opinion on floor safety.

We have been successful in the discovery of contaminates that exist on the floor materials, previously considered safe. This will affect the outcome of slip & fall litigation.

Company Profile

Our institutional clients include, Retailers, Hospital Developers, Healthcare Facility Managers, Real Estate Managers, Educational Institutions, and Governmental Institutions.

Our litigation clients are 50% Defendant and 50% Plaintiff.


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  • Forensic Investigations
  • Floor Safety Evaluation
  • Floor Testing
  • Materials Testing
  • Expert Witness Testimony
  • Written Specifications
  • Like Kind and Quality Assessment
  • Continuing Education Programs
  • Cost of Repair Assessment
  • Replacement Programs
  • Superior Court Persuaded

    In a decision passed down by the Superior Court of the State of California, County of San Bernardino (case no. CIVRS 1101850), it was found that testing a ceramic tile floor for slip resistance using a method not sanctioned by ASTM was "inappropriate." "The Court was persuaded by Mr. Newson’s testimony" that using the Floor Covering Industry standard was the proper forensic methodology for testing the Static Coefficient of Friction on a ceramic tile floor.

    Moisture Vapor Intrusion

    Why have there been so many more failures in the last 30 years than before? The floor-covering industry started to clean up its act in the 1970's. VOC's were removed from chemicals used as bonding and finishing agents. Asbestos was removed from materials and adhesives. This made the materials more sensitive to moisture. We can find your problems and recommend a repair. We can design installation protocols that will protect your materials.

    Hospital Floor Safety

    Here is a place where the potential for a slip and fall is always present. We have been hired by both plaintiffs and defendants to find the cause(s) of a slip and fall. We consider the floor covering, we look at the victim, study shoe research, study age research, body type research, and industry standard maintenance protocols, looking for answers. We are here to help.

    Retailer Store Flooring

    We have helped The GAP, Macy’s, Finish Line, Crate & Barrel and many others with floor-covering materials selection, installation protocols, and ongoing programs. We have specified Wood, Cork, Dimensional Stone, Rubber, Linoleum, Vinyl, Ceramic Tile, Agglomerated Stone, concrete polishing and sealer. All good things in the right places, installed properly.