We investigate floor failures for contractors, attorneys and insurance companies. We specify floor installation instructions, and materials specifications for airports, hospitals, hotels, schools and international retailers.Take a tour in the expertise pages and find your area of interest. You will find Wood, Athletic Flooring,Stone, Ceramic Tile, Carpet, Rubber, Vinyl, Epoxy, Linoleum, moisture vapor intrusion, Concrete and Slip & Fall

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Kenneth D. Newson, FACFE, DABFE, DABFET. With 40 years experience in Interior construction, he brings a breath of knowledge to the flooring industry that is unmatched. Peer reviewed by the Forensic Science community. He has testified in over 100 depositions and 20 trials. Interior Specifications is a licensed contractor, but sells no products and does not install flooring. We are floor experts that provide information for whatever entity needs it. We bring clarity and education to each project. We provide specification writing to clients with needs throughout the United States and Canada. We are the first and last stop on road to understanding a floor issue.

Moisture Vapor Intrusion

Why have there been so many more failures in the last 30 years than before? The floor-covering industry started to clean up its act in the 1970's. VOC's were removed from chemicals used as bonding and finishing agents. Asbestos was removed from materials and adhesives. This made the materials more sensitive to moisture. We can find your problems and recommend a repair. We can design installation protocols that will protect your materials.

Hospital Floor Safety

Here is a place where the potential for a slip and fall is always present. We have been hired by both plaintiffs and defendants to find the cause(s) of a slip and fall. We consider the floor covering, we look at the victim, study shoe research, study age research, body type research, and industry standard maintenance protocols, looking for answers. We are here to help.

Retailer Store Flooring

We have helped The GAP, Macy’s, Finish Line, Crate & Barrel and many others with floor-covering materials selection, installation protocols, and ongoing programs. We have specified Wood, Cork, Dimensional Stone, Rubber, Linoleum, Vinyl, Ceramic Tile, Agglomerated Stone, concrete polishing and sealer. All good things in the right places, installed properly.

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