Healthcare Flooring

In the years of contracting and specifying, Interior Specifications has found a niche market, one requiring the utmost in for technical expertise. That market is Healthcare.

We have performed in facilities from Manhattan to Honolulu, in over 100 hospitals. We advised on the material selection for several University Medical Centers, Regional Healthcare Centers, and local Doctor’s Hospital. We have worked in Veterinary Hospitals, and Urgent Care facilities.

All kinds of floor covering materials are used in healthcare facilities. Including Wood, Rubber, Vinyl, Linoleum, Carpet, and Sealers. Interior Specifications knows them all.

Today there is a focus on materials that will function well, maintain easily and also be GREEN. Interior Specifications can guide in that materials selection process, as well as develop the proper installation protocol.

Interior Specifications, the forensic scientists have been called into investigations of the truly unusual healthcare floor failures.

What is happening here? I can tell you that it isn’t moisture related.

Healthcare Flooring Issues

What is happening here? I can tell you that the numbers are not on top of the material.

Healthcare Flooring Issues